Accidental Hit Records

Professionally 2016 was a shit year for me. I hired a friend to help me with an album I planned to make and it didn’t work out as I had planned. I was left to start over and without a budget.

So I did what I thought Prince would do. (This was shortly before he died by the way)

People loved the demos I had made at home in preparation for the album. Some musicians I tried to hire asked me what exactly they would be doing since they liked my attempts at playing all the instruments. In short, I had an idea…

I could try to come up with cash to go back in the studio for a day or two, or see what having unlimited access to my limited home studio might sound like.

Now before you think this is cheating, I likely spent 10x the energy and time on the stuff that I would have been able to in the studio. There were considerable drawbacks like not being able to auto tune my vocals (more on that later because a couple tracks had the genius of John Kennedy and auto tune…) and the fact that I was limited by my lack of ability on the other instruments.

But I liked the result. After I was done with some of the tracks I lost focus and drive. The next part seemed daunting.

But one night in December of 2016 I had a few drinks and looked for an online place to do CD art for free. And I found it. So I poured another drink and looked for a distributor for the record. And I found one. I researched how to do advertising on a budget, and I found the information.

But most importantly I asked my friends to buy the CD, or listen on streaming services, or just tell people on social media. And three days later after it’s release the album peaked at #5 on the iTunes Blues Chart. Totally by accident. It stayed in the top ten for a week. Now it lives on in every place digital media exists. I hope you will listen to it if you haven’t already.

Peace and love from yours,